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All code and documentation, outside of the wiki, goes through gerrit.

The rough workflow goes as follows:

  1. git clone of openafs (with gerrit setup)
  2. create a new branch
  3. edit code/docs and test
  4. commit
  5. git push to gerrit
  6. ask people to review
  7. fix any issues, jump to 5 if fixes were made.
  8. patch is accepted
  9. delete the topic branch from #2
  10. jump to step 2 and repeat.

The man pages are in the doc/manpages folder the guides are under the doc/xml folder. The guides are in docbook format.

You'll need to run a compile and specify your xml processor to compile the docbook files.

For development questions, post messages to For documentation questions, post messages to
or the openafs-devel list.

Questions about general functionality can be posted to the openafs-info list.

Please contact the lists if you have any more questions.