Welcome to the OpenAFS wiki. This is a web-based collaboration for collecting, maintaining, and distributing information about OpenAFS, an open-source implementation of the AFS distributed filesystem.

OpenAFS is a caching, distributed, network-based filesystem for securely and efficiently sharing files over a private network or over the internet. OpenAFS stores files on file servers. OpenAFS clients read and write data to the file servers. Data is cached locally by clients, making subsequent reads very fast. File servers automatically notify clients when data is changed, keeping data in sync. OpenAFS clients integrate with the client operating system to create a seamless network file system. Client side support is provided for wide-range of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Solaris, and Linux.

Key features

  • global namespace
  • location transparency
  • client-side caching
  • read-only replication
  • access control lists
  • kerberos integration

Using OpenAFS

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