Recent changes to this wiki:

update macos dmg links
format fix
update post 1.8.x notes
prune inode fileserver post-1.8, maybe
Note that we reverted lockless d_revalidate
It was, in fact, buggy. Alternatives have been proposed but are
yet to be correct.
Update the pre-branch checklist for several completed items
hints for doing an out of tree build
update 3rd party macos download links
New download links for SNA signed MacOS clients
Move GitDevelopers out of the archive
It's basically still current, and a commonly used reference for
people who only submit patches occasionally.
Which is not to say that it would not benefit from further editing.
indent command
add libfuse-dev for building afsd.fuse
Fix up the callback story
Move the wiki pages back to root.
AFS callback story for reads and writes from multiple clients and one fileserver
removed dead content
add an index page to preview the diagrams
fix wrong arrow
various diagrams
Various diagrams I've done over the years that may be helpful. The dia source
file and the png renderings for each are provided.
Refactor file layout
missed a reference to 1.6.16
update links to 1.6.18; 10.9 gone, signing keys are problematic
My COPR repo doesn't support 4.5 kernels, but has openafs 1.6.17 packages with backported fixes for 4.4 as well as 1.6.18pre1.
Install solaris onbld package to get ctf tools.
Add 2015 kAFS slides to page.
The cache partition type checks have been relaxed
So, don't make stronger claims than are true.
Update instructions to reflect syntax changes, in particular 'make srpm'
Turn headings into actual links
Add instructions for stable branch pullups
of course make srpm doesn't compile!
Questioned "make sprm" and commented on "make srpm"
Some updates from setting up the ubuntu1404 buildslave
Notes from jabber
Catch up with the times on asetkey operation
installing in rhel: update version number
guides: remove dead link
guides and info: cleanup
guide and info: reorg external links
remove duplicated links for new cell stuff
syntax fix
asetkey list skips rxkad_krb5 keys
gentoo docs have been updated
Some updates from jaltman during today's release-team meeting
fix wiki syntax
Some updates from today's release-team
Note some progress in pre-branch tasks
installing: update dafs example options
add link to new installation guide
installing and cell setup on rpm based linux
Based on Steve Pelley's guide for 1.4.x on Fedora, notes for setting up
a new cell with OpenAFS 1.6.5+ on rhel/centos.
fix wiki syntax for github, again
fix wiki syntax for github
add a link to the buildbot master config on github
More things to pull from master post-branch
upserver should go away
kopenafs also consumes Makefile.shared
The schedule slipped
Whoops, that's for master, not 1.8
Supporting 'make dest' requires gross hacks
It would be nice to get rid of them...
pam module is part of kauth, really
Update OpenAFS 1.8 pre-branch todo list
As discussed by release-team today.
gklog has been implemented
fixed some examples
Make the 1.8 notes findable
Tidy up the rendered page