This page will have gatekeeping policy/information.

Commit any patches to the head with a delta name that describes what they are

Using ~shadow/pullup-15 (for openafs-devel-1_5_x branch) or ~shadow/pullup (for openafs-stable-1_4_x branch) scripts, pull your patches up to relevant branches. You will need to do the pullups, at least, on grand, or rework the scripts to access the delta files some other way.

if you need to hand edit or apply the patches for the branches, please use delta names on the branches which are the same except prefix with the branch name tag


aix-fixes-20080101 becomes DEVEL15-aix-fixes-20080101 on openafs-devel-1_5_x and STABLE14-aix-fixes-20080101 on openafs-stable-1_4_x

if you look at /data/delta/OpenAFS-(branchname) on you can see what other branch prefix is used, for each branch. i promise to start keeping track of this in a file.

There's an expectation that you review code you commit, or, if you're committing your own code, you have other(s) review it. In the case of things which are obvious, you don't need to worry about this.

Please fill in the template for CVS commits as completely as possible, including license and RT ticket reference, if any.

Additional tools: ~shadow/getdelta (also getdelta-devel15 and getdelta-stable14) will fetch all patch pieces of a delta.

Releases and prereleases get tagged on their respective branches, please tag branchpoints when branching with BP-branchname (e.g. 1_4_x branch had moved past 1.4.5 but to release 1.4.6 with security fixes only we tagged a brachpoint at 1.4.5, branched and put only the 1.4.6 patches on it, then tagged)

To make a release, on grand, /usr/local/sbin/make_release repo tag version (previous tag) - generally invoked as e.g. make_release openafs openafs-stable-1_4_5 openafs-1.4.5 openafs-stable-1_4_4

To build web pages for a release, /usr/local/sbin/make_www_release (version) (path)

path is where to write the web pages, it expects (path)/release/(version) to exist as a directory. Those files can be committed on grand in /data/htdocs/openafs/release/(version), except release/(version)/index.html which should be committed as /data/htdocs/openafs/release/openafs-(version).html -- Derrick Brashear - 09 Jan 2008