Changes for branch master.

15146AIX: Fix issue with make install on AIX 7.1 and higheraix-7.1-support
15143configure: Add platform rs_aix71aix-7.1-support
15142INSTALL: Update INSTALL to reflect AIX platformsaix-7.1-support
15140vol: Remove unused vol_listLock, vol_sleep_conddeadcode
15138cf: Skip RRA_LIB_GSSAPI if krb5/gss is disabled
15135rx: Reap client conns in rxi_ReapConnectionsconnleaks
15131rx: remove vestigial include
15130UKERNEL: avoid double include of roken.h
15123viced: Avoid blocking in multi_Rxdeadlock
15121klog.krb5: Implement the -lifetime option
15117viced: Update host package lock precedencedeadlock
15105cmd: Reset CMD_PROCESSED flag on parsing error
15104afsd: respect -confdir when parsing NetInfo & NetRestrict
15103util: Enable threadIdLogging for loglevel > 1
15102afs: fix indentation and whitespace
15101viced: Remove dead code 'zerofid'deadcode
15100afs: Drop afs_xinterface R-lock in PCallBackAddr
15098backup: Make backup tests build again
15097backup: Remove obsolete test programs
15091bos: Construct salvager command line with cmd_Join()bozo-large-strings
15090doc: update the DAFS GraphViz (.dot) diagrams
15089bozo: Parse command lines with cmd_Tokenize() and cmd_Split()bozo-large-strings
15088cmd: Introduce cmd_Tokenize(), cmd_Split(), and cmd_Join()bozo-large-strings
15087tests: Verify cmd_ParseLine() output in libcmd testsbozo-large-strings
15086libcmd: Fix memory leak in cmd_Parse()bozo-large-strings
15085viced: Keep host locked after h_Lookup_r
15084viced: rx_GetSpecific before alloc'ing identity
15083viced: Introduce h_AllocIdent_r
15082viced: Lock host in MBCBAA
15081viced: Handle addInterface_r addr conflicts
15080viced: Introduce h_replacePrimaryAddr_r
15079viced: Remove h_FreeConnection workarounds
15078viced: h_AHTAHT_r after setting interface
15077viced: Add
15075viced: Avoid reconcileHosts_r during state restore
15074viced: Add 'behavior' arg to h_AHTAHT_r
15073viced: Improve removeAddress_r valid-address check
15072viced: Restore hashtables after index remapping
15071viced: Make GetHT return a held ref
15069vos: Open dump file before deleting volume in vos restorevos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
15067doc: Use make to build the man pages
15050autoconf: Honor --enable-kernel-module
15044afs: Flush vcaches sooner if cache is stressedunlinked-vcaches
15042afs: Update VCHash comments on not hashing on uniq
15038Avoid more out of bounds indexing when checking volume names
15036macos: Fix 'Parameter' tab on PrefPanemacos-prefpane
15035macos: Fix 'CellServDB Editor' tab on PrefPanemacos-prefpane
15034macos: Fix 'start/stop' option on PrefPanemacos-prefpane
15033macos: Fix 'start at login' option on PrefPanemacos-prefpane
15032macos: Add privileged helper tool for PrefPanemacos-prefpane
15027afs: Make FlushReclaimedVcaches() Darwin specificunlinked-vcaches
15026rx: Check rxi_AddRpcStat currentFunc bounds
14961afs: Prioritize removal of unlinked vcachesunlinked-vcaches
14960afs: normalize cr_ngroups initialization for DARWIN
14951rx: prevent leak of cache manager NAT ping rx_connectionsconnleaks
14949afs: Convert afs_vhashT to use struct afs_qunlinked-vcaches
14941venus: Convert binaries from LWP to pthreads
14937volser: Warn on incremental dumps from the futureavoid-empty-release
14936ptserver: pt_util add missing copyright and licensept_util-copyright-license
14932afs: Don't call rxk_NewSocketHost() with AFS_GLOCKmacos-panics
14918LINUX 5.13: set .proc_lseek in proc_ops
14917cmdebug: add -numeric
14916cmdebug: add -onlycell option
14915cmdebug: fix uninitialized variable
14907volser: Don't provide dumps from the futureavoid-empty-release
14906vos: Force full dump if RW goes back in timeavoid-empty-release
14897SOLARIS: support 64-bit static library archives (lib*.a)sparc64
14896standardize static library archive (lib*.a) optionssparc64
14895bubasics: use config variable $(AR) to build libbubasics.asparc64
14894SOLARIS: lwp support for SPARC 64-bitsparc64
14893doc: parallelize generate-mangenerate-man
14892doc: optimize generate-mangenerate-man
14891doc: refactor generate-mangenerate-man
14885afs: Log failures when mounting /afs
14884afs: Check afs_initState for failure after waiting
14876LINUX: Test for rcu_read_unlock with rcu_read_lock
14874rx: Count buffered data in call->app.bytesSent
14873tests: Add tests for Rx process stats
14872rxgen: Always generate PKG_OpCodeIndex()
14871rxgen: Declare generated PKG_TranslateOpCode()
14870rxgen: Include split calls in PKG_TranslateOpCode
14869rxgen: Pretend unordered opcodes have holes
14868tests: Introduce afstest_ForkRxProc
14867vldb_check: General cleanup
14863vol: Initialize vnode dv and inode dv consistentlyvnode-dv
14862salvager: Don't fix vnode dv of new regular filesvnode-dv
14861afs: Clean up indentation in afs.h
14859Import of code from autoconf-archivegcov
14858cf: Add ax_check_link_flag.m4 to import listgcov
14856Introduce --enable-coveragegcov
14855Avoid warnings with --coveragegcov
14854tests: Remove auth/test.xdr.cgcov
14850rx: Remove redundant memset in rx_opaque_alloc
14849afsweb: remove unsupported afsweb component
14848afs: Check for read error in afs_ProcessOpCreate
14846tests: Introduce vldb_check tests
14845vldb_check: Check MHC for duplicate MH block
14843rx: Exit fast restart on call progress
14842CellServDB:, rely on DNSCellServDB_cern
14840fs: Avoid unnecessary lstat()
14839JAVA: remove unsupported JAVA component
14837tests: Add prdb db format tests
14836Use getprogname/setprogname more
14832bozo: Don't skip audit logs on failure/success
14829UnixCM: afs_CheckFetchStatus Parent zero is not an errorbad-fetch-status-check
14822afs: improve timeliness of afs_Daemon housekeeping tasksafs_Daemon
14819bozo: Use safe string functions to format core filenamesbozo-core-names
14817afs: maintain proper time diffs in afs_CacheTruncateDaemoncache-metrics
14796FBSD: Use vrefl() when availablefbsd12-updates
14778vos: Avoid dumping volume to ttyvos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14777usd: Add USD_IOCTL() is seekable checkvos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14776volser: Introduce struct RestoreInfofix-vol-counters
14760vos: Check for tty in vos restorevos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14759vos: Add prefix to vos restore -overwrite constantsvos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14758vos: Check end of dump magic when file is seekablevos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14757vos: Get stdin and stdout block sizes with USD_IOCTL()vos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14756vos: Fix vos dump and restore dump file close error messagesvos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14755rx: minimal RX_EXTENDED_SACK implementation and notespreviousPacket-rollback
14753Avoid rxi_tracename overflow
14750rxkad: Build src/rxkad/test
14749rx: Build src/rx/test
14739viced: Always avoid saving HashTable to fsstate
14738viced: Ignore on-disk fsstate HashTable data
14737viced: Log some basic fs_stateRestore stats
14733ptserver: Avoid 'pts adduser' on excessive entries
14732ptserver: Return error when exceeding _MAXPRLIST
14731viced: Set HashTable size at startup
14730viced: Rehash fsstate HashTable on size mismatch
14729viced: Compare vnode first in FindFE
14728viced: Log more state restore errors
14727viced: Raise fsstate loop detection limits
14726viced: Set FS_STATE_DUMP_MODE earlier
14723ptserver: Add support for PRUPDATE_CREATORset-prentry-creator
14722pts: Add option to change the creator of entriesset-prentry-creator
14721ptserver: UpdateEntry must deny unsupported masksset-prentry-creator
14720prdb_check: Check if creator of entries existsset-prentry-creator
14719afs: assert harder in kernel lock functionslock-hygiene
14718afs: AFS_ASSERT_GLOCK earlier in kernel lock functionslock-hygiene
14717afs: convert lock macros to functionslock-hygiene
14715rx: Fix memory leaks at error exitsupdated-static-analysis
14714rx: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14713libafscp: Avoid use of memory after freedupdated-static-analysis
14712libafscp: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14711vos: Check start-of-dump magic in vos restorevos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14710vos: Check end-of-dump magic before deleting volumevos-restore-check-dump-before-delete
14697rx: collect and report the number of dropped ACK packetsrx-stats-additions
14696rx: detect packet reflectionrx-stats-additions
14695afsd: Introduce -atsys option
14694ubik: consider AFSCELL env if -cell isn't provided
14693doc: rx-spec Document the Extended SACK Table protocol extensionrx-extended-sack
14692doc: rx-spec Update for accuracy with current Rx implementationsrx-extended-sack
14689libadmin: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14688kauth: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14685gtx: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14684opr: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14683libacl: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14681comerr: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14680cmd: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14679butc: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14678budb: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14677bucoord: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14675auth: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14674aklog: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14672afsmonitor: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14671afsd: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14670afs: Fix problems found by static analysisupdated-static-analysis
14661rx: rxi_ReceiveAckPacket restore implicit NAK (seq >= first + nAcks)previousPacket-rollback
14659rx: do not let rx_call.rprev roll backwardspreviousPacket-rollback
14658rx: do not update rprev if the DATA packet is droppedpreviousPacket-rollback
14653volser: fix filecount and diskused during restoresfix-vol-counters
14640rx: Oracle America 2010 re-license of Sun RPC to 3-clause BSDSUN-RPC-licensing
14635rxgk: Introduce and use afs_time64 for timerxgk-phase2
14634rxgk: Add key derivation testsrxgk-phase2
14633rx: Introduce rx_opaque_cmp, _stringifyrxgk-phase2
14621rx: define constant for default dead timeunoquorum
14608ubik: ensure correct election timeoutunoquorum
14607ubik: remove superfluous checks of rx_NewConnection returnunoquorum
14596auth: refactor GenericAuth()libafscp-krb5
14593auth: Pass 'dir' to rxgk_NewServerSecurityObjectrxgk-phase2
14591macos: remove dead OpenAFS prefpane codemacos-prefpane
14588macos: AFSBackgrounder: report details of failed commandmacos-prefpane
14587macos: AFSBackgrounder: improve detection of afs mount statusmacos-prefpane
14586macos: AFSBackgrounder: fail build for method not foundmacos-prefpane
14582bozo: Use ViceLog-based loggingrxgk-phase2
14570auth: introduce afsconf_PickLocalSecObj()libafscp-krb5
14568libafscp: add support for rxkad_krb5 keyslibafscp-krb5
14566make-release: create SHA256 checksums too
14545Remove misleading comment from rx.h
14538rxkad: Fix NULL Dereference warningsstatic-analysis
14467vlserver: Add audit events for all RPCs
14418audit: Setup signal masks before osi_audit_openaudit-enhancements
14372prdb_check: warn if blank user or group is foundprname
14371pts: warn if user or group is blankprname
14370libprot: add function to check if prname is blankprname
14360rx: Detect pthread_cond_timedwait errors correctly
14359xstat: Add the xstat_fs_test -format option
14358rxdebug: Add rxdebug -raw option
14357volser: remove check for VL_ENTDELETEDvol-update-locking
14356volser: Always fetch locked entry in CheckVolumevol-update-locking
14355volser: refactor CheckVolumevol-update-locking
14354volser: ensure proper entry locking for 'vos restore'vol-update-locking
14353volser: clean up and clarify storeEntry usagevol-update-locking
14352volser: convert UV_ReleaseVolume to call GetLockedEntryvol-update-locking
14350volser: introduce GetLockedEntryvol-update-locking
14337Remove duplicate declarations of base32 functions
14336ptserver: don't allow new blank users or groupsprname
14313Constify libutil APIs
14309rx: Change conn->lastBusy to use atomics
14301venus: refactor NewCellCmd to facilitate its reuse
14296venus: allow update of cell dbs through fs setcell
14282salvageserver: Re-exec in child processes
14281Set FD_CLOEXEC on inherited salvageserver FDs
14262afs: Handle errors from afs_CFileTruncateopen-panic-cleanup
14257afs: Avoid panics when truncating a dcache fileopen-panic-cleanup
14229Add static asserts for xstat struct sizes
14228opr: Introduce opr_GlobalStaticAssert
14206FBSD: Avoid extra vcache puts in afs_rootfbsd12-updates
14205FBSD: Drop tvc->lock before VOP_LOCK for vinvalbuffbsd12-updates
14200afs: provide cache eviction statisticscache-metrics
14190LINUX: de-orbit NFS translator supportlinux-xlator
14189LINUX: ignore non-fatal signals when waitinglinux_signals
14188afs: convert remaining waits to afs_WaitForFetchlinux_signals
14187afs: add lock parameter to afs_WaitForFetchlinux_signals
14186afs: introduce afs_WaitForFetchlinux_signals
14170LINUX: make afs_osi_Wait uninterruptible againlinux_signals
14169LINUX: make afs_osi_TimedSleep uninterruptible againlinux_signals
14136afs: remove stats dead code
14121vol-info: mmap vnodes to improve performancevolscan-performance
14110Translate rxgk error codes in translate_etrxgk-phase2
14100vol-info: use opr_queue_Entry to get queue entriesvolscan-performance
14091LINUX: Introduce AFS_UNTHROTTLED_PAGSunthrottled-pags
14090afs: Introduce afs_genpag()unthrottled-pags
14089afs: Structure setpag() more consistentlyunthrottled-pags
14088afs: Allow afs_GetUser to return errorsunthrottled-pags
14087afs: Use 'goto done' destructors in PSetTokens*unthrottled-pags
14086afs: Introduce afs_IsPagId()unthrottled-pags
14081bozo: Introduce bnode_Wait()rxgk-phase2
14059Migrate winsock functions from util to opr
14057Migrate src/util/hostparse.c to opr
14054tests: create c-tap tests for the directory package
14053volser: remove duplicate directory object definitions from restorevol
14051doc: Fix grammar in fileserver -admin-write
14044vos: add new option to send reads to the sync-site
14041tests: Add vldb db format tests
14039rx: Don't panic if unable to allocate rx_packet
14030AIX: Remove support for pre-5 AIX
14029rxgk: Convert RXGK_ autoconf vars to RXGK_ONLYrxgk-phase2
14028audit: Remove unnecessary conn/peer checksrxgk-phase2
14027Remove unused rxkad_GetServerInfo parametersrxgk-phase2
14026util: Introduce ViceLog_limitrxgk-phase2
14025util: Log to stderr by defaultrxgk-phase2
14024ubik: don't resend db if site didn't vote for us
14015volser: Avoid process exit on move and copy errorsvos-cleanup
14014volser: Cleanup server and partition name formattingvos-cleanup
14013volser: Deprecate MapPartIdIntoNamevos-cleanup
14012vos: Remove duplicate and unneeded MapPartIdIntoName callsvos-cleanup
14011vos: Replace exit with returnsvos-cleanup
14010vos: Standardize error returnsvos-cleanup
13990vos: add new option to send reads to the sync-site
13989ubik: call VOTE_GetSyncSite with proper service id
13988ubik: fix SVOTE_GetSyncSite output argument
13985viced: Document CallBackRxConnAddr RPC is not implementedipv6-prep
13979DRAFT: afs: convert server address to sockaddr_in
13978DRAFT: introduce rx_NewConnection to accept sockaddr*ipv6-prep
13977viced: convert host,port to sockaddr_inipv6-prep
13976viced: return RXGEN_OPCODE from SRXAFS_CallBackRxConnAddripv6-prep
13967volscan: introduce -cache-allvolscan-performance
13966vol-info: store vnode index info in globalsvolscan-performance
13949vldb_check: print fileserver uuids
13929vlserver: Use dynamic buffer for list of net addrsipv6-prep-format-helpers-hold
13926afs: client read-only mode
13912Remove support for Solaris pre-10
13909vol: use macros to scan DiskPartitionList
13885volser: Cache rDNS lookups in 'vos listvldb'
13882volser: consolidate destructors in UV_RemoveSite
13872ubik: Use refcounting for ubik_currentTransubik/read-during-commit
13871ubik: Declare udisk_end voidubik/read-during-commit
13870ubik: Introduce DBCOMMITTING flagubik/read-during-commit
13869SOLARIS: prevent stack overflow check SEGV for LWP binariesrt135006-bosserver
13866ubik: Move *tidCounter to version_globals
13865ubik: Make dbFlags protected by just DBHOLD
13837vlserver: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers-hold
13836ubik: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13835misc: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers-hold
13834volser: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13833IPV6 prep: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13832IPV6 prep: introduce helpers for formatting network addrsipv6-prep-format-helpers-hold
13829aklog: Make some style adjustments
13810Remove non-JAVA refs to TOP_JLIBDIR
13808volser: fix volume id/type mismatch in vos remsite
13784audit: Add queued named-pipe audit-interface 'pipe'audit-enhancements
13771vol: report call errors in iod_Writerx_dead
13770rx: kill a client call that receives an unexpected ping responserx_dead
13769rx: keepalive events should not inhibit each otherrx_dead
13768rx: keepalive events should not self-inhibitrx_dead
13767rx: remove dead code rx_SetServiceDeadTimerx_dead
13766rx: remove unused define FIRSTACKOFFSETrx_dead
13764afs: Split afs_fakestat_enable into 3 varslinux-native-mounts
13763ubik: Note that ulock_relLock needs DBHOLD
13723bozo: add -skip-root-check option
13705afsd: Make afsd -shutdown also umountlinux-native-mounts
13704LINUX: Automount volumes with -automountlinux-native-mounts
13703LINUX: Allow per-volume mounting with -automountlinux-native-mounts
13702afs: Refactor osi_NewVnode/afs_GetVCache paramslinux-native-mounts
13694vol: allow attachment of partitions dynamically
13649viced: reorder acl_Internalize_pr to sanitize log messages
13647CVE-2018-7168 use secure behavior by default
13646ubik: allow read transactions during recoveryubik-reads-during-recovery
13645ubik: do not unnecessarily invalidate databaseubik-reads-during-recovery
13644ptserver: add comment for WhoIsThisWithName
13634ubik: Drop DBHOLD during commitsubik/read-during-commit
13633ubik: Introduce UBIK_PHYS_LOCKubik/read-during-commit
13632ubik: Introduce and use ubik_GetCacheubik/read-during-commit
13631vlserver: Make vlentryread take a struct vl_ctx*ubik/read-during-commit
13630vlserver: Reduce rd_* global refs during CheckInitubik/read-during-commit
13629ubik: Introduce TROLDDATAubik/read-during-commit
13628ubik: Avoid duplicate dirty/non-dirty pagesubik/read-during-commit
13627ubik: Convert DRead/etc to use struct buffersubik/read-during-commit
13626ubik: Consolidate buffer invalidationubik/read-during-commit
13625ubik: Move ulock_getLock TRREADWRITE checkubik/read-during-commit
13624ubik: Remove truncate operationsubik/read-during-commit
13623vlserver: Introduce vl_EndTrans/vl_AbortTransubik/read-during-commit
13622vlserver: Enable read-while-write at runtimeubik/read-during-commit
13621rx: Use SO_REUSEPORT for multiple listener threadsreuseport
13620rx: Split out rxi_BindSocket for userspacereuseport
13619rx: Defer rxi_Start calls during rxi_WriteProcrxi_startdefer
13617rx: Refactor rxi_WriteProc error handlingrxi_startdefer
13616rx: Introduce rxi_WaitForTransmitWindowrxi_startdefer
13615viced: Allow multiple rx listenersmulti-listener
13614rx: Allow multiple rx listeners for pthreadsmulti-listener
13613rx: Use sendmmsg when availablesendmmsg
13612rx: Introduce rxi_SendPacketDgramssendmmsg
13611rx: Introduce 'flags' argument to rxi_SendListsendmmsg
13610rx: Use recvmmsg when availablerecvmmsg
13609rx: Introduce rxi_Read/ReceivePacketListrecvmmsg
13608rx: Split out rxi_ReceivePacketConnrecvmmsg
13607rx: Split out rxi_ReceivePacketCallrecvmmsg
13606rx: Split out invoke_justReceivedrecvmmsg
13605rx: Split out rxi_ReceivePacketGlobalrecvmmsg
13604rx: Refactor rxi_ReceivePacket destructorsrecvmmsg
13601rx: Split rxi_ReadPacket into three functionsrecvmmsg
13532afs: Raise AFS_MINBUFFERS
13516auth: check for allocation failure in keys.c
13502ptserver: add rxgk support to WhoIsThisWithNamerxgk_ptserver
13491vos: listvldb Add option and support to display LockTimestamp
13488viced: log fileserver tuning valuesviced-auto-tune
13478afs: fix rounding in chunk size calculation
13456opr: fix paths in header install targets
13389vos: Mark RO clone as "old" during release clone
13388vos: Remove references to NEW_REPSITE/RO_DONTUSE
13386dtrace: Autogenerate afs_errorstr mappingdtrace-usdt-probes
13385comerr: Add 'compile_et -emit raw'dtrace-usdt-probes
13377vlserver: Introduce SDT probesdtrace-usdt-probes
13376bozo: mark failed bnodes as stopped/shutdown
13368viced: remove extraneous whitespace
13359Build build-time programs with build-time compilercross-build
13358Add AX_PROG_CC_FOR_BUILD autoconf macrocross-build
13356afs: Occasionally sleep in afs_HaveCallBacksFromafs-hcf
13323audit: simplify build dependencies
13306util: fix tabular_output memory managementstatic-analysis
13305Remove some dead assignment/increment operationsstatic-analysis
13302LINUX: Introduce chroot-specific sysname listschroot-sysname
13300LINUX: Introduce '-atsys vfs'chroot-sysname
13299afs: Refactor and consolidate sysname codechroot-sysname
13290afs: Avoid stalled fileserversavoid-stalled-servers
13208Resolve possible memory leaksstatic-analysis
13196Add checks to ensure *alloc was successfulstatic-analysis
13175Resolve a few dereference of null pointer issuesstatic-analysis
13174Import of code from heimdalheimdal-pullup
13173Import of code from rra-c-util
13172Import of code from c-tap-harness
13171Resolve use of uninitialized vars.static-analysis
13160LINUX: Subsitute @sys before calling afs_lookupatsys-dentry
13159afs: Consolidate sysname code into afs_sysname.catsys-dentry
13154Close files when completedstatic-analysis
13135fix fprintf conversion specifiersstatic-analysis
13133bucoord: avoid memory leaks on early returns from bc_Restorerstatic-analysis
13089Fix possible memory leaksstatic-analysis
13044viced: set harddead for calls to ptserver
13035ubik: check if sync site before waitingubik-optimizations
13017rx: update comment about serial number zero
13000afs: pass the cell object to afs_GetServer
12969vlserver: Avoid ubik abort for GetEntryBy* NOENTsubik/read-during-commit
12968ubik: Avoid redundant db checks in ubik_Readubik_perf
12967ubik: Remove unused ubik_Tell functionubik_perf
12966ubik: Avoid urecovery_AllBetter check in ubik_Seekubik_perf
12841vol: do not propagate ENOENT from VDestroyVolumeDiskHeaderzap-error-code-cleanup
12840vol: do not propagate VGC unknown volume id when deletingzap-error-code-cleanup
12770opr: add opr_hexdump()
12744Do not merge: Check buildbot verificationbuildbot-check
12709aklog: dump token data in with -d -dakimpersonate-on-master-again
12708SOLARIS: Give afs_xsetgroups proper prototypessolaris-vnop-warnings
12707SOLARIS: Fix afs_orig_setgroups* return typessolaris-vnop-warnings
12706SOLARIS: Add multiPage_range* castsolaris-vnop-warnings
12705SOLARIS: Cast modlookup resultsolaris-vnop-warnings
12704SOLARIS: Add afs_putpage prototype, and follow itsolaris-vnop-warnings
12703afs: Add afs_osi_vget prototypesolaris-vnop-warnings
12702SOLARIS: Modernize some function definitionssolaris-vnop-warnings
12701SOLARIS: Declare gid_t arrays constsolaris-vnop-warnings
12700SOLARIS: Update vnop signaturessolaris-vnop-warnings
12699SOLARIS: Fix 'struct caller_context_t' referencessolaris-vnop-warnings
12698SOLARIS: Include sys/vmsystm.h for map_addrsolaris-vnop-warnings
12697SOLARIS: gafs_fid takes a struct fid*solaris-vnop-warnings
12688afs: introduce negative volume cache
12612afsd: Correctly detect invalid cache dirs
12586bozo: do not create client directory and symlinksbosserver-no-client-dirs
12585FBSD: drop GLOCK for unmount's vflushfbsd11-updates
12577FBSD: reduce global lock frobnication in afs_rootfbsd11-updates
12576FBSD: rework global lock and sleep/waitfbsd11-updates
12408afs: volume, vnode, unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12407dir: vnode and unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12406vol: vnode and unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12405vol: fid logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12404dumpscan: convert vnode and unique numbers to unsigned intsvnode-type-consistency
12403cmdebug: fid logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12402viced: fid logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12401viced: fix vnode number signedness in renamevnode-type-consistency
12400viced: vnode and unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12399volser: vnode number logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12398volser: convert afs_int32 to VnodeIdvnode-type-consistency
12376libadmin: add rxstat_* -localauth option
12375libadmin: add afsclient_TokenPrint function
12374libadmin: parse rxstat_* command line args with libcmd
12353LINUX: consolidate and clarify page unlock logiclock-leak
12338afs: wait uninterruptibly if hard-mount is enabled
12320aklog: make klog.krb5 use kernel db server preferencesdbprefs
12319aklog: use kernel db server preferencesdbprefs
12318pam: use kernel db server preferencesdbprefs
12317kauth: make klog use kernel db server preferences by defaultdbprefs
12316ubik: add libubik capability to use kernel preferencesdbprefs
12313patch struct initalizations and autoconf macros to work with grsecurity kernelsgrsecurity
12290ubik: Log non-network ContactQuorum errors
12230ptserver: add -udpsize optionudpsize
12229vlserver: add -udpsize optionudpsize
12200Update build-tools
12177afs: Minor tidying in rxfs_fetchInit
12171DARWIN: Avoid "file is damaged" errors on 10.9+
12018add the -V option to servers to print version and build information
11907Introduce rxping and rxtraceroute
11901volser: vos listvldb caching dns resultslistvldb-cache
11900util: resolve and cache the hostnames already resolvedlistvldb-cache
11885afsd: Add additional startup checks
11869afs: Protect afs_osi_Wait against backwards timeosiwait-timebackwards
11868afs: Consolidate common afs_osi_Wait codeosiwait-timebackwards
11861rx: introduce rx_sockaddripv6-prep
11860autoconf: IPv6 support detectionipv6-prep
11794LINUX: Use DV hints for dentry revalidate fastpathlinux-dvhint
11652lwp: pthreaded lwp implementationpthreaded-lwp
11629Attempt to auto-tune fileserver for memory target
11599bozo: use the interface address for the localcell config
11596"vos delentry" man page : -dryrun is -noexecutevos_delentry_manpage_dryrun
11528Provide a usable fileserver default config (-X)prebranch
11439bozo: Handle bnode timeout on separate threadspthread-bos
11379ihandle: Mention FDH_PREAD &co in header comments
11378ihandle: Remove FDH_READ/WRITE/SEEK
11375Implement SRXGK_AFSCombineTokensrxgk
11217Dummy osi_readRandom implementation for AIX
11189Build both pthreaded and LWP rxgk libraryrxgk
11138rxgen: move function_names to the header
11132WIP: attempt to support building with gcc on illumosbuild-with-gcc-on-illumos
11102Add afsconf_BuildDbServerSecurityObjectsrxgk
11101Use afsconf_BuildUbikServerSecurityObjects for vl, ptserverrxgk
11100Add afsconf_BuildUbikServerSecurityObjectsrxgk
10854afs: Actually fill read requests with zeros on EOFafs_read-EOF
10853afs: Make afsio_zero zero the entire regionafs_read-EOF
10852afs: Introduce afsio_zeroafs_read-EOF
10718rxevent: detect and log rxevent queue stall
10717rx: add logging callback function for rx messages
10574BuildServerSecurityObjects allocate for rxgkrxgk
10570Implement SRXGK_GSSNegotiate()rxgk
10568Add rxgk_gss.crxgk
10560bozo: make getstat in struct bnode_ops return voidpthread-bos
10559bozo: make timeout in struct bnode_ops return voidpthread-bos
10558bozo: Serialize configuration file updatespthread-bos
10557bozo: make delete in struct bnode_ops return voidpthread-bos
10556bozo: Rewrite bnode_WaitAll() using bnode_ApplyInstance()pthread-bos
10555bozo: change bnode_ApplyInstance() APIpthread-bos
10554bozo: required headers now in bnode_internal.hpthread-bos
10553bozo: split bnode_DeleteProc() out of bproc()pthread-bos
10300Export functions for libtoolized bozopthread-bos
10294tbozo: build (and use) liboafs_bos.lapthread-bos
10293bozo: Split thread creation into bnode_InitProcs()pthread-bos
10292bozo: handle signals directly instead of using softsigpthread-bos
10291bozo: add build support for pthreaded bosserverrxgk-phase2
10290bozo: pthread locking for bnodes listpthread-bos
10289bozo: add pthread support for sleeping on a bnodepthread-bos
10288bozo: update delete flag only in Bnode_Delete()pthread-bos
10287bozo: protect the allProcs list with a lockpthread-bos
10286bozo: pthread supportrxgk-phase2
10018build-sys: make to accept autotools optionsmostly-build-sys
10017build-sys: autoupdate autotools related codemostly-build-sys
9774volser: volserver option to specify disk IO buffer size
9700Add ubik_cp
6895rx: race can lead to sending RX_PACKET_TYPE_BUSY
2288Fast restart for Ubik database servers
1777Add xml functionality to the vos examine command
1625preliminary support for pinned vcaches
1553dynamic volume allocation
1074Unix CM: Include memcache's tiov in rxfs_context