Changes for branch master.

13873viced: consistently enforce host thread quota for ICBS(3)
13872ubik: Use refcounting for ubik_currentTransubik/read-during-commit
13871ubik: Declare udisk_end voidubik/read-during-commit
13870ubik: Introduce DBCOMMITTING flagubik/read-during-commit
13869SOLARIS: prevent stack overflow check SEGV for LWP binariesrt135006-bosserver
13868config: use LWP_CFLAGS in lwptoolrt135006-bosserver
13867SOLARIS: add autoconfig support for Studio 12.6rt135006-bosserver
13866ubik: Move *tidCounter to version_globals
13865ubik: Make dbFlags protected by just DBHOLD
13864ubik: Rename flags to dbFlags
13863ubik: Clarify UBIK_VERSION_LOCK semantics
13862ubik: Log urecovery_CheckTid-aborted txes
13861FBSD: use V_VMIO when availablefbsd12-updates
13860FBSD: provide LINK_MAX when undefinedfbsd12-updates
13859FBSD: use VM_CNT_INC/VM_CNT_ADD on FreeBSD 12fbsd12-updates
13858FBSD: use new syscall registration helpersfbsd12-updates
13857FBSD: use new if_addr_lock for FBSD 12fbsd12-updates
13856FBSD: malloc/free hacks for 12fbsd12-updates
13855FBSD: follow ROOTINO->UFS_ROOTINO rename in 12fbsd12-updates
13854FBSD: accommodate 12.0's 64-bit inodesfbsd12-updates
13845bozo: Use libcmd for command line optionsaudit-enhancements
13843FBSD: Remove MA_VOP_LOCK
13842FBSD: Remove support for 8.x and 9.x
13837vlserver: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13836ubik: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13835misc: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13834volser: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13833viced: log network addrs using formatting helpersipv6-prep-format-helpers
13832IPV6 prep: introduce helpers for formatting network addrsipv6-prep-format-helpers
13831util: update the helper for formatting afsUUIDipv6-prep-format-helpers
13830Retire the AFS_PTR_FMT macroipv6-prep-format-helpers
13829aklog: Make some style adjustments
13828aklog: avoid infinite lifetime tokens by default
13812FBSD: Remove pre-8 code
13810Remove non-JAVA refs to TOP_JLIBDIR
13808volser: remsite must give ro id to VL_DeleteEntry
13804afs: avoid panic in DNew when afs_WriteDCache failsafs-dir-pkg
13803afs: refactor directory checking in DReadafs-dir-pkg
13802afs: remove redundant assignafs-dir-pkg
13801dir: check DNew return codeafs-dir-pkg
13800dir: check afs_dir_Create return code in afs_dir_MakeDirafs-dir-pkg
13799dir: check afs_dir_MakeDir return code in DirSalvageafs-dir-pkg
13798dir: remove dead variable DErrnoafs-dir-pkg
13797dir: check afs_dir_MakeDir return code in dtestafs-dir-pkg
13796dir: dtest should flush on error when creating directoriesafs-dir-pkg
13795dir: correct fid type for dtestafs-dir-pkg
13794dir: make dtest buildable againafs-dir-pkg
13793vol: de-orbit test programsafs-dir-pkg
13792FBSD: Add support for FreeBSD 11.3
13786Pass -shared when linking some shared libraries
13784audit: Add queued named-pipe audit-interface 'pipe'audit-enhancements
13782kauth: Add support for updated audit facilityaudit-enhancements
13776command line support for updated audit functionalityaudit-enhancements
13775audit: Add cmd helper for processing audit optionsaudit-enhancements
13774audit: Support multiple audit interfaces and interface optionsaudit-enhancements
13772volser: Avoid calling osi_audit before audit initaudit-enhancements
13771vol: report call errors in iod_Writerx_dead
13770rx: kill a client call that receives an unexpected ping responserx_dead
13769rx: keepalive events should not inhibit each otherrx_dead
13768rx: keepalive events should not self-inhibitrx_dead
13767rx: remove dead code rx_SetServiceDeadTimerx_dead
13766rx: remove unused define FIRSTACKOFFSETrx_dead
13764afs: Split afs_fakestat_enable into 3 varslinux-native-mounts
13763ubik: Note that ulock_relLock needs DBHOLD
13758rx: only create new server calls for DATA packetsrx_dead
13751Linux: use override_creds when available
13723bozo: add the -user option
13721LINUX: Introduce afs_d_path
13720vos: fix name availability check in vos rename
13719afs: Free rx/rxevent resources during shutdownlibafs-leaks
13718rx: Avoid osi_NetSend during rx shutdownlibafs-leaks
13707viced: add opt to allow admin writes on readonly servers
13705afsd: Make afsd -shutdown also umountlinux-native-mounts
13704LINUX: Automount volumes with -automountlinux-native-mounts
13703LINUX: Allow per-volume mounting with -automountlinux-native-mounts
13702afs: Refactor osi_NewVnode/afs_GetVCache paramslinux-native-mounts
13701afs: Handle osi_NewVnode failureslinux-native-mounts
13695rx: add missing CLEAR_CALL_QUEUE_LOCK to LWP rx_GetCallcall_queue_lock
13694vol: allow attachment of partitions dynamically
13673Update NEWS for OpenAFS 1.9.0
13671macos: add script to notarize OpenAFS
13670macos: prepare for notarization
13669macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.15
13668macos: add support for MacOS 10.15
13649viced: reorder acl_Internalize_pr to sanitize log messages
13647CVE-2018-7168 use secure behavior by default
13646ubik: allow read transactions during recoveryubik-reads-during-recovery
13645ubik: do not unnecessarily invalidate databaseubik-reads-during-recovery
13644ptserver: add comment for WhoIsThisWithName
13641rx: clear call_queue_lock after removing call from queuecall_queue_lock
13634ubik: Drop DBHOLD during commitsubik/read-during-commit
13633ubik: Introduce UBIK_PHYS_LOCKubik/read-during-commit
13632ubik: Introduce and use ubik_GetCacheubik/read-during-commit
13631vlserver: Make vlentryread take a struct vl_ctx*ubik/read-during-commit
13630vlserver: Reduce rd_* global refs during CheckInitubik/read-during-commit
13629ubik: Introduce TROLDDATAubik/read-during-commit
13628ubik: Avoid duplicate dirty/non-dirty pagesubik/read-during-commit
13627ubik: Convert DRead/etc to use struct buffersubik/read-during-commit
13626ubik: Consolidate buffer invalidationubik/read-during-commit
13625ubik: Move ulock_getLock TRREADWRITE checkubik/read-during-commit
13624ubik: Remove truncate operationsubik/read-during-commit
13623vlserver: Introduce vl_EndTrans/vl_AbortTransubik/read-during-commit
13622vlserver: Enable read-while-write at runtimeubik/read-during-commit
13621rx: Use SO_REUSEPORT for multiple listener threadsreuseport
13620rx: Split out rxi_BindSocket for userspacereuseport
13619rx: Defer rxi_Start calls during rxi_WriteProcrxi_startdefer
13618rx: Define conn->flags as a uint32rxi_startdefer
13617rx: Refactor rxi_WriteProc error handlingrxi_startdefer
13616rx: Introduce rxi_WaitForTransmitWindowrxi_startdefer
13615viced: Allow multiple rx listenersmulti-listener
13614rx: Allow multiple rx listeners for pthreadsmulti-listener
13613rx: Use sendmmsg when availablesendmmsg
13612rx: Introduce rxi_SendPacketDgramssendmmsg
13611rx: Introduce 'flags' argument to rxi_SendListsendmmsg
13610rx: Use recvmmsg when availablerecvmmsg
13609rx: Introduce rxi_Read/ReceivePacketListrecvmmsg
13608rx: Split out rxi_ReceivePacketConnrecvmmsg
13607rx: Split out rxi_ReceivePacketCallrecvmmsg
13606rx: Split out invoke_justReceivedrecvmmsg
13605rx: Split out rxi_ReceivePacketGlobalrecvmmsg
13604rx: Refactor rxi_ReceivePacket destructorsrecvmmsg
13603rx: Split out rxi_ConnectionMatchrecvmmsg
13602rx: Remove unneeded rxi_ReceiveDataPacket paramsrecvmmsg
13601rx: Split rxi_ReadPacket into three functionsrecvmmsg
13540fs: Avoid unnecessary cell DNS lookups
13532afs: Raise AFS_MINBUFFERS
13516auth: check for allocation failure in keys.c
13502ptserver: add rxgk support to WhoIsThisWithNamerxgk_ptserver
13491vos: listvldb Add option and support to display LockTimestamp
13488viced: log fileserver tuning valuesviced-auto-tune
13478afs: fix rounding in chunk size calculation
13456opr: fix paths in header install targets
13399ptuser: convert pr_Initialize to afsconf_ClientOpenbosserver-no-client-dirs
13398auth: add afsconf_ClientOpenbosserver-no-client-dirs
13389vos: Mark RO clone as "old" during release clone
13388vos: Remove references to NEW_REPSITE/RO_DONTUSE
13386dtrace: Autogenerate afs_errorstr mappingdtrace-usdt-probes
13385comerr: Add 'compile_et -emit raw'dtrace-usdt-probes
13384vlserver: Return VL_DBBAD on unhash failurevl_dbbad
13383vlserver: Add VL_DBBAD error codevl_dbbad
13382vlserver: Warn when we cannot unhash deleted entryvl_dbbad
13380pts: remove unused confdir stringbosserver-no-client-dirs
13379defer config directory selection in vos and ptsbosserver-no-client-dirs
13378ubik: convert to afsconf_ClientOpenbosserver-no-client-dirs
13377vlserver: Introduce SDT probesdtrace-usdt-probes
13376bozo: mark failed bnodes as stopped/shutdown
13368viced: remove extraneous whitespace
13359Build build-time programs with build-time compilercross-build
13358Add AX_PROG_CC_FOR_BUILD autoconf macrocross-build
13356afs: Occasionally sleep in afs_HaveCallBacksFromafs-hcf
13341vol: remove dead code namei_copy_on_write
13334afs: avoid GetEntryByName with .readonly extension Add missing double include guardstatic-analysis
13323audit: simplify build dependencies
13322remove unused src/butc/common.h
13321volser: apply static keyword to VolPartitionInfo definition
13320ptserver: rename NameToID and IDToName helpers
13319ptserver: move IDToName, NameToID to ptprocs.c and make static
13318butc: consistently spell taskId parameter
13317Assign explicit opcodes to butc RPCs
13316Remove commented-out butc RPC definitions
13315ptserver: move allocation out of put_prentries() into listEntries()
13314butc: Initialize RPC outputs at top of function
13313Detect realloc failure
13306util: fix tabular_output memory managementstatic-analysis
13305Remove some dead assignment/increment operationsstatic-analysis
13302LINUX: Introduce chroot-specific sysname listschroot-sysname
13301afs: Detect VIOCPREFETCH special case properlychroot-sysname
13300LINUX: Subsitute @sys before calling afs_lookupchroot-sysname
13299afs: Refactor and consolidate sysname codechroot-sysname
13290afs: Avoid stalled fileserversavoid-stalled-servers
13278afs: consolidate duplicated wait-for-cache-drain codesolaris-kstats
13256afs: Skip bulkstat if stat cache looks fullbulkstat-vcache-pressure
13255afs: Log warning when we detect too many vcachesbulkstat-vcache-pressure
13254afs: Split out bulkstat conditions into a functionbulkstat-vcache-pressure
13253afs: Bound afs_DoBulkStat dir scanbulkstat-vcache-pressure
13208Resolve possible memory leaksstatic-analysis
13206localtime can return NULL if unable to read system clockstatic-analysis
13196Add checks to ensure *alloc was successfulstatic-analysis
13175Resolve a few dereference of null pointer issuesstatic-analysis
13174Import of code from heimdalheimdal-pullup
13173Import of code from rra-c-util
13172Import of code from c-tap-harness
13171Resolve use of uninitialized vars.static-analysis
13170SOLARIS: provide cache manager stats via kstatsolaris-kstats
13168afs: more cache truncation statssolaris-kstats
13163strlcpy restricted to array length.static-analysis
13162afsweb: possible array overrunstatic-analysis
13160LINUX: Subsitute @sys before calling afs_lookupatsys-dentry
13159afs: Consolidate sysname code into afs_sysname.catsys-dentry
13156If realloc() == NULL we lost the pointer to old memorystatic-analysis
13155Resolve missing printf argsstatic-analysis
13154Close files when completedstatic-analysis
13136Prevent sscanf format widths from overrunning arraystatic-analysis
13135fix fprintf conversion specifiersstatic-analysis
13133bucoord: avoid memory leaks on early returns from bc_Restorerstatic-analysis
13089Fix possible memory leaksstatic-analysis
13085Set defaults for complex if statementsstatic-analysis
13044viced: set harddead for calls to ptserver
13042rx: prevent leakage of non-cached rx_connections (pthread)
13041rx: fix out-of-range value for RX_CONN_NAT_PING
13035ubik: check if sync site before waitingubik-optimizations
13017rx: update comment about serial number zero
13006autoconf: error instead of warn when linux headers are not founderror-no-linux-headers
13000afs: pass the cell object to afs_GetServer
12969vlserver: Avoid ubik abort for GetEntryBy* NOENTsubik/read-during-commit
12968ubik: Avoid redundant db checks in ubik_Readubik_perf
12967ubik: Remove unused ubik_Tell functionubik_perf
12966ubik: Avoid urecovery_AllBetter check in ubik_Seekubik_perf
12960ipv6: Identify all IPv4 addressesipv6-prep
12942CVE-2018-7168 RXAFS_StoreACL deprecate 134 introduce 164CVE-2018-7168
12841vol: do not propagate ENOENT from VDestroyVolumeDiskHeaderzap-error-code-cleanup
12840vol: do not propagate VGC unknown volume id when deletingzap-error-code-cleanup
12770opr: add opr_hexdump()
12744test change to check gerrit/buildbot integrationbuildbot-check
12712aklog: convert to new get_credv5_akimpersonateakimpersonate-on-master-again
12711aklog: akimpersonate build fixesakimpersonate-on-master-again
12710aklog: import akimpersonate.cakimpersonate-on-master-again
12709aklog: dump token data in with -d -dakimpersonate-on-master-again
12708SOLARIS: Give afs_xsetgroups proper prototypessolaris-vnop-warnings
12707SOLARIS: Fix afs_orig_setgroups* return typessolaris-vnop-warnings
12706SOLARIS: Add multiPage_range* castsolaris-vnop-warnings
12705SOLARIS: Cast modlookup resultsolaris-vnop-warnings
12704SOLARIS: Add afs_putpage prototype, and follow itsolaris-vnop-warnings
12703afs: Add afs_osi_vget prototypesolaris-vnop-warnings
12702SOLARIS: Modernize some function definitionssolaris-vnop-warnings
12701SOLARIS: Declare gid_t arrays constsolaris-vnop-warnings
12700SOLARIS: Update vnop signaturessolaris-vnop-warnings
12699SOLARIS: Fix 'struct caller_context_t' referencessolaris-vnop-warnings
12698SOLARIS: Include sys/vmsystm.h for map_addrsolaris-vnop-warnings
12697SOLARIS: gafs_fid takes a struct fid*solaris-vnop-warnings
12691SOLARIS: Disable kernel optimization by defaultsolaris-sse
12690SOLARIS: Check for libafs SSE/FPU/etc instructionssolaris-sse
12688afs: introduce negative volume cache
12672xstat: add cache manager vl rpc timing metricsxstat-cm-volume
12671xstat: add cache manager volume cache metricsxstat-cm-volume
12670xstat: add missing call stats in afs_volume.cxstat-cm-volume
12669afs: do not abuse a counter variable to store the results of VL RPCsxstat-cm-volume
12656afs: Avoid needless W-locks for afs_FindVCachebulkstat-vcache-pressure
12655afs: Change VerifyVCache2 calls to VerifyVCachebulkstat-vcache-pressure
12612afsd: Correctly detect invalid cache dirs
12586bozo: do not create client directory and symlinksbosserver-no-client-dirs
12585FBSD: drop GLOCK for unmount's vflushfbsd11-updates
12584FBSD: don't drop locks in osi_TryEvictVCachefbsd11-updates
12582FBSD: skip vinvalbuf when paging or vnode unlockedfbsd11-updates
12581FBSD: remove several GLOCK dropsfbsd11-updates
12578FBSD: Remove LOCKPARENT/ISLASTCN lookup logicfbsd11-updates
12577FBSD: reduce global lock frobnication in afs_rootfbsd11-updates
12576FBSD: rework global lock and sleep/waitfbsd11-updates
12474vol: fix volscan and volinfo -checkout option
12445doc: Remove Windows specific fs subcommands from the manpage
12424Always use d_prune_aliases() in TryEvictDCache()
12423Use d_prune_aliases in afs_linux_dentry_revalidate()
12412try to build again after heimdal pullupheimdal-pullup
12411Import of code from heimdalheimdal-pullup
12410Update the heimdal file import listheimdal-pullup
12408afs: volume, vnode, unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12407dir: vnode and unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12406vol: vnode and unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12405vol: fid logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12404dumpscan: convert vnode and unique numbers to unsigned intsvnode-type-consistency
12403cmdebug: fid logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12402viced: fid logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12401viced: fix vnode number signedness in renamevnode-type-consistency
12400viced: vnode and unique type consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12399volser: vnode number logging consistencyvnode-type-consistency
12398volser: convert afs_int32 to VnodeIdvnode-type-consistency
12384Move afs_StaleVCacheFlags to afs_cbqueue.c
12383Skip DNLC purge for Init|Flushed vcaches in afs_StaleVCache
12381afsio: readdir/fidreaddir commands
12376libadmin: rxstat_{clear,disable,enable}_{peer,process} -localauth
12375libadmin: add afsclient_TokenPrint function
12374libadmin: parse rxstat_* command line args with libcmd
12364added .gitattributes to avoid future trouble with line endings (removed .* from .gitignore and added autoconf .libs directories explicitly)
12359Remove always-true conditional
12353LINUX: consolidate and clarify page unlock logiclock_leak
12352LINUX: readahead error fails to drop page locklock_leak
12344Fix OS X 10.11 build
12338afs: wait uninterruptibly if hard-mount is enabled
12337afs: update comments in afs_vnop_read.c
12333Revert "afs: shake harder in shake-loose-vcaches"
12320aklog: make klog.krb5 use kernel db server preferencesdbprefs
12319aklog: use kernel db server preferencesdbprefs
12318pam: use kernel db server preferencesdbprefs
12317kauth: make klog use kernel db server preferences by defaultdbprefs
12316ubik: add libubik capability to use kernel preferencesdbprefs
12313patch struct initalizations and autoconf macros to work with grsecurity kernelsgrsecurity
12311fixes for compilation with clangclang-fixes-1
12299pam: do not return success when wait() failspam
12295sys: retry lsetpag if errno is equal to EINTRsetpag
12290ubik: Log non-network ContactQuorum errors
12280DAFS: make dasalvager -showmounts work again
12273Document the Large/SmallSpace allocators' contract
12262DAFS: dafileserver failed assertion (vp->nUsers >= 0)
12260afs: afs_pag_wait() makes process unkillablesetpag
12255NBSD: Always set *slept in TryEvictVCache
12251SOLARIS: Cache Manager deadlock with mmap'd files (RW)solaris-deadlock
12250SOLARIS: consolidate afs_GetOnePage exit pathssolaris-deadlock
12249SOLARIS: osi_vnodeops.c whitespace cleanupsolaris-deadlock
12248SOLARIS: afs_GetOnePage cleanupsolaris-deadlock
12230ptserver: add -udpsize optionudpsize
12229vlserver: add -udpsize optionudpsize
12200Update build-tools
12183afs: incorrect buffer free during "cold" afsd -shutdowncold_shutdown
12182afs: clarify cold and warm shutdown logiccold_shutdown
12181afs: remove duplicate declaration for afs_shutdown()cold_shutdown
12180afs: afsd -shutdown sets afs_cold_shutdown too sooncold_shutdown
12177afs: Minor tidying in rxfs_fetchInit
12171DARWIN: Avoid "file is damaged" errors on 10.9+
12167DARWIN: Fix removing dirs in Finder with 10.11
12142Death to NoAuth
12139viced: check if pt connections are out of dateupdate-ptconn
12138viced: remove the function getThreadClientupdate-ptconn
12130auth: tidy up object dependencies on headers
12118afs: -afsdb -dynroot DNS TLD name collisions
12076arc4random not available to darwin kextel-capitan
12070afs: teach volume lookup cache about partial releaseshardmount1
12069afs: LINUX afs_addevent, afs_getevent cleanuphardmount1
12068afs: LINUX afs_addevent no longer requires AFS_GLOCKhardmount1
12018add the -V option to servers to print version and build information
12015asetkey: update usage examples
12014asetkey: allow adding keys without cell config for easier setup
12013opr: move MakeDirParents to opr_mkdirp
12012afs: hardmount retry should recheck volume siteshardmount1
12011afs: hardmount wait should only check primary cellhardmount1
12010afs: clear lasterror in hardmount logichardmount1
12009afs: don't overwrite fileserver last errors and skip statehardmount1
12008afs: simplify VLDB_Same logichardmount1
12007afs: clarify variable names in VLDB_Samehardmount1
12006afs: VLDB_Same should not touch passed vrequesthardmount1
12000Consolidate ACL flag definition and printout
11990LINUX: list volumes in /proc
11986vol: vnodeIndexOffset not typesafe
11985vol: DEBUG_BITMAP for vnode allocation debug and test
11962Remove unnecessary uses of @CFLAGS_NOERROR@
11943libuafs: clean *.o files in top-level clean rule
11942libuafs: improve clean rule
11941roken: improve clean rule
11908afs: renumber vlru inconsistent panic messages
11907rxping and rxtraceroute commands
11902afs: build option to enable vcache lru checksenable-debug-vcache-lru
11901volser: vos listvldb caching dns resultslistvldb-cache
11900util: resolve and cache the hostnames already resolvedlistvldb-cache
11885afsd: Add additional startup checks
11883on Fedora 22, at least, %fedorakmod must be defined to avoid a syntax error in the %if statements referecning %fedorakmod .fedorakmod
11871bubasics/bucoord/butc: make tape sizes unsigned
11869afs: Protect afs_osi_Wait against backwards timeosiwait-timebackwards
11868afs: Consolidate common afs_osi_Wait codeosiwait-timebackwards
11865bozo: stop (ab)using SIGFPE to reset restricted mode
11861rx: introduce rx_sockaddripv6-prep
11860autoconf: IPv6 support detectionipv6-prep
11847SOLARIS: Don't panic on file open errors
11827Move vos common args even further downvos-foreach
11822vlserver ListAttributesN2 fix RO searchvlserver-ListAttrsN2
11821Tidy existing control flow in ListAttributesN2vlserver-ListAttrsN2
11818Handle failure to create Salvage file
11794LINUX: Use DV hints for dentry revalidate fastpathlinux-dvhint
11782bossserver: Do not create AFSDIR_SERVER_AFS_DIRPATH on startup
11765RedHat: Make overriding the CellServDB to package actually workredhat
11754tabular_output: try to print CSV-Footer only
11697libafs: Add new syscall for cache initialization
11691afs: revamp Linux file lock processing
11682bos: make return codes consistent
11652lwp: pthreaded lwp implementationpthreaded-lwp
11629Attempt to auto-tune fileserver for memory target
11599bozo: use the interface address for the localcell config
11596"vos delentry" man page : -dryrun is -noexecutevos_delentry_manpage_dryrun
11528Provide a usable fileserver default config (-X)prebranch
11514afsd: Change -verify default to 'shutdown'afsd-cache-verify
11513afsd: Add the -verify optionafsd-cache-verify
11512afs: Optionally check md5 checksums on accessafsd-cache-verify
11511afs: Optionally store md5 checksums of each chunkafsd-cache-verify
11450Changes for FreeBSD9 on SPARC64fbsd-sparc64
11439bozo: Handle bnode timeout on separate threads
11390auth: Add negative caching to afsconf_LookupServer()
11379ihandle: Mention FDH_PREAD &co in header comments
11378ihandle: Remove FDH_READ/WRITE/SEEK
11375Implement SRXGK_AFSCombineTokensrxgk
11244LINUX: Don't panic on some file open errors
11217Dummy osi_readRandom implementation for AIX
11191afs: unlog - simplify locking in PUnlog
11190afs: unlog - consolidate calls to afs_ResetAccessCache
11189Build both pthreaded and LWP rxgk libraryrxgk
11138rxgen: move function_names to the header
11132WIP: attempt to support building with gcc on illumosbuild-with-gcc-on-illumos
11103Use afsconf_BuildDbServerSecurityObjects for the vl, ptserverrxgk
11102Add afsconf_BuildDbServerSecurityObjectsrxgk
11101Use afsconf_BuildUbikServerSecurityObjects for vl, ptserverrxgk
11100Add afsconf_BuildUbikServerSecurityObjectsrxgk
11091fstrace: Flush output file after printing records
10966New 'vos each' utilityvos-foreach
10938Implement SRXGK_CombineTokensrxgk
10930A first step to integrate AFS/OSD into OpenAFSAFS-OSD-integration
10858afs: include volume lookup in retry logic
10854afs: Actually fill read requests with zeros on EOFafs_read-EOF
10853afs: Make afsio_zero zero the entire regionafs_read-EOF
10852afs: Introduce afsio_zeroafs_read-EOF
10831Move LogDesWarning to common server code
10805Add support for specifying local netmasks
10802Increase Vnode hash tables sizes
10801Increase vcache & dcache hash table sizes
10800Protect against vcache entry with negative length
10793rx: Fixup BUSY packet callNumber
10791afs: Refactor afs_StoreWarn
10790afs: Use afs_StoreWarn in afs_close
10789afs: Don't retry timed-out RW operations forever
10718rxevent: detect and log rxevent queue stall
10717rx: add logging callback function for rx messages
10713Linux: avoid export_op_default if not exported
10574BuildServerSecurityObjects allocate for rxgkrxgk
10570Implement SRXGK_GSSNegotiate()rxgk
10568Add rxgk_gss.crxgk
10560bozo: make getstat in struct bnode_ops return voidpthread-bos
10559bozo: make timeout in struct bnode_ops return voidpthread-bos
10558bozo: Serialize configuration file updatespthread-bos
10557bozo: make delete in struct bnode_ops return voidpthread-bos
10556bozo: Rewrite bnode_WaitAll() using bnode_ApplyInstance()pthread-bos
10555bozo: change bnode_ApplyInstance() APIpthread-bos
10554bozo: required headers now in bnode_internal.hpthread-bos
10553bozo: split bnode_DeleteProc() out of bproc()pthread-bos
10552bos: Use afsconf_GetAuthConn
10551auth: Add afsconf_GetAuthConn
10461ubik: Add DISK_RestoreDB
10447vol: VnodeId type consistency for vnode numbers
10338Update 'now' when raising events
10329docs: add pod-fragment for tabular_output
10300Export functions for libtoolized bozopthread-bos
10294tbozo: build (and use) liboafs_bos.lapthread-bos
10293bozo: Split thread creation into bnode_InitProcs()pthread-bos
10292bozo: handle signals directly instead of using softsigpthread-bos
10291bozo: add build support for pthreaded bosserverpthread-bos
10290bozo: pthread locking for bnodes listpthread-bos
10289bozo: add pthread support for sleeping on a bnodepthread-bos
10288bozo: update delete flag only in Bnode_Delete()pthread-bos
10287bozo: protect the allProcs list with a lockpthread-bos
10286bozo: initial pthread supportpthread-bos
10227viced: prevent useless salvages when AFS config is invalid
10018build-sys: make to accept autotools optionsmostly-build-sys
10017build-sys: autoupdate autotools related codemostly-build-sys
10016build-sys: tidy rest of the system check case clausemostly-build-sys
10015build-sys: clean up linux section in acinclude.m4mostly-build-sys
10004afsd: avoid zombies
9945p_osi_sleep make afs_osi_Wait interruptible by ctrl-C
9919Increase vcache & dcache hash table sizes
9875p_roVolPref - make R/O preference configurable
9774volser: volserver option to specify disk IO buffer size
9713viced: Give 'busy' hosts a chance to respond quick
9712Add ObtainWriteLockTimedWait
9700Add ubik_cp
9278vos: add -reclone option to vos convertROtoRW
9124ubik: Move ubik_epochTime to beacon_globals
9123ubik: Set ubik_epochTime as soon as we get quorum
8887linux: disable hm retry on shutdown
8841Prevent out-of-bounds FD_SET calls
8553opr_time: provide more operations
8048run tests
8014vos: refuse to convertROtoRW if the RW is active
7862macos: update aklog.bundle
7378cmd: revert -help formatting
7286libafs: trigger volume lookup on no conn or no server
7233run make check
7013Czech localization fixed
6921Czech localization update
6895rx: race can lead to sending RX_PACKET_TYPE_BUSY
6890libafs: prevent user creation of certain files
6242Cunit test driver, avl, adt bundle.
6204Add (optional) internal lookup, insert operations to opr_rbtree
5588Extended attributes support
5122configure: absence of preadv64 syscall does not imply absence of preadv
5039Add the AFSFox Firefox extension
4972macos: chown system files post-installosxnext
4712Update vsys for new vsyscall mechanisms
4573rpc-refresh: initial update of xg files per draft-wilkinson-afs3-rpc-refresh-00
4517AFS byte-range file locking
4516Update rpc_testlib for recent byte-range lock changes
4515Extended callback implementation
4514Author: Tom Keiser Date: Mon Jun 14 12:32:21 2010 -0400
4507Support for platform direct and sync io hints
4500Add mDNS discovery
4499Add arbitrary client port support
4250util: Remove re_comp implementation
4063allow anonymous keyed cache managers
3743cmdebug -dcache
3501ubik: implement getnfiles
3319writePartIdFile for VICEP-Access
3314Preparing namei_ops.c and ihandle.h for RXOSD
3300New cache manager progs for RXOSD/VICEP-Access
3299Prepare afs_conn.c for RXOSD
3284New operation op_EncryptDecrypt in rx_securityClass
3264command "osd"
2591release kernel lock first, then AFS lock
2288Fast restart for Ubik database servers
1975vos partinfo: enable tabular output
1865Allow salsrv salvage I/O to occur in parallel
1777Add xml functionality to the vos examine command
1625preliminary support for pinned vcaches
1553dynamic volume allocation
1074Unix CM: Include memcache's tiov in rxfs_context
435clear stat flag on renamed directories
433Add throughput framework to cm_RankServer()