Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

15575LINUX: Pass an array of structs to register_sysctl
15562rx: Check for callNumber before NULL server call
15558linux: Replace fop iterate with fop iterate_sharedLinux-6.5
15551Update NEWS for 1.8.11 pre-release
15549cf: Use static allocated structs for cf tests
15548clang: Don't redefine printf in salvage.c
15547Retire the AFS_PTR_FMT macro
15546dir: check afs_dir_MakeDir return code in DirSalvage
15545dir: distinguish logical and physical errors on reads
15544afs: refactor directory checking in DRead
15543vol: Re-evaluate conditons for cond vars
15542build: package in the libafs_tree
15541afs: Use literal NULL for NULL function pointer
15540cf: Avoid nested C functions built by autoconf
15539ukernel: Fix AFS_GUNLOCK panic in rx_ServerProc
15538vlserver: Use bounded string copy in FindByName()
15537bozo: Log a warning if the bosserver is not started in restricted mode
15536afs: Let afs_ShakeLooseVCaches run longer
15535afs: Fix EIO error when reading a 4G or larger file
15533afs: Skip IsDCacheSizeOK for CDirty/VDIR
15532afs: Check dcache size when checking DVs
15527Make OpenAFS 1.8.11pre1