Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

14047Make OpenAFS 1.8.6pre1
14037macos: add entry for afs into synthetic.confmacos-catalina-1.8
14036macos: add script to notarize OpenAFSmacos-catalina-1.8
14035macos: prepare for notarizationmacos-catalina-1.8
14034macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.15macos-catalina-1.8
14033macos: add support for MacOS 10.15macos-catalina-1.8
14032macos: upgrade *.xib filesmacos-catalina-1.8
14031macos: tell the compiler the system include pathmacos-catalina-1.8
14019viced: add opt to allow admin writes on RO servers
14018viced: prevent writes on readonly fileservers
13975sys: retry lsetpag if errno is EINTR
13974afs: afs_pag_wait() makes process unkillable
13968afs: avoid extra VL_GetEntryByName for .readonly's
13951afs: Ensure CDirty is set during afs_write loop
13938afs: Avoid -1 error for vreadUIO/vwriteUIO
13908ubik: improve logging for database synchonizations
13907ubik: urecovery_AbortAll diagnostic msgs
13906ubik: log important messages at default log level
13904asetkey: Fix random_key for Heimdal
13901auth: fix afsconf_GetExtendedCellInfo memory leak
13900auth: plug auth realms memory leaks
13898ubik: Save errno before logging
13897vol: remove empty directories left by vos zap -force
13896vol: avoid query for parent id when deleting disk header
13895venus: fix memory leak
13894cmd: improve help for programs without subcommands
13750restorevol: replace snprintf with asprintfgcc9-warnings
13740venus: appease gcc8's -Wformat-stringgcc9-warnings
13738bos: remove smail-notifiergcc9-warnings
13732vol: check snprintf return values in namei_opsgcc9-warnings
13731vol: fix vutil format-truncation nitgcc9-warnings