Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_6_x.

13457afs: Do not ignore errors in afs_CacheFetchProc
13453Linux_5.0: replaced current_kernel_time with ktime_get_coarse_real_ts64
13452Linux_5.0: replace do_gettimeofday with ktime_get_real_ts64
13451Linux_5.0: Use super_block flags instead of Mount flags when filling sb
13450Redhat: correct path to kernel module in dkms.config
13424rx: reset packet header userStatus field on reuserx_userStatus
13423volser: DoVolDelete returning VNOVOL is successvolser-del-missing-vol-no-error
13420Linux 4.20: current_kernel_time is gonelinux_v4.20
13403Linux 4.20: disable -settime supportlinux_v4.20
13401afs: prevent -settime null pointer dereferencelinux_v4.20
13331Make OpenAFS 1.6.24pre11.6.24pre1
13330Update NEWS for 1.6.24pre11.6.24pre1
13203afs: WriteThroughDSlots: Avoid write error panicdcache-panic-rocache
13202afs: Avoid afs_GetDCache panic on cache open errordcache-panic-rocache
13201LINUX: Return NULL for afs_linux_raw_open errordcache-panic-rocache
13200afs: Verify osi_UFSOpen workeddcache-panic-rocache
13199libafs: put volume disk cache i/o in afs_UFSGetVolSlotdcache-panic-rocache
13198libafs: afs_InitVolSlot functiondcache-panic-rocache
13197LINUX: Remove unused osi_fetchstore.cdcache-panic-rocache
11716Remove -settime/RXAFS_GetTime client support
11706afs: Zero settime deltas correctlylinux_v4.20
11678doc: backup manpage fixes
11677doc: replace hostnames with IETF example hostnames
11676Change -n to -dryrun for backup subcommands
10917WIP: LINUX: Userspace mount umountinglinux-mtpt-bindmount
10916WIP: LINUX: Userspace mount implementationlinux-mtpt-bindmount
10915WIP: LINUX: Userspace mount helper infrastructurelinux-mtpt-bindmount
10914LINUX: Do not check have_submounts for dentry revallinux-mtpt-bindmount
10913LINUX: Revert dir/symlink mtpt behaviorlinux-mtpt-bindmount
10912afs: Evaluate dynroot mountpointslinux-mtpt-bindmount
10911LINUX: Add afs_lookup_internallinux-mtpt-bindmount
10910afs: Create afs_lookup flag AFS_LOOKUP_FORCE_EVALlinux-mtpt-bindmount
10909afs: Refactor afs_lookup flags handlinglinux-mtpt-bindmount
10908afs: Add afs_lookup 'flags' to more platformslinux-mtpt-bindmount
10834auth: Log warning if rxkad-k5 is broken
10833Move LogDesWarning to common server code
9407ihandle: Remove ih_sync_thread

Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

13487Run ctfconvert/ctfmerge for all objects
13486autoconf: do not reference the missing scriptremove-automake
13485Remove obsolete retsigtyperemove-automake
13484autoconf: reformat long linesremove-automake
13483autoconf: autoupdate macrosremove-automake
13482autoconf: update curses.m4remove-automake
13481autoconf: update pthread checksremove-automake
13480autoconf: updates and cleanupremove-automake
13479Redhat: 'clean build area' error message during dkms build/install
13445Update NEWS for 1.8.3pre1
13444Make OpenAFS 1.8.3pre1