Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

13692afs: Avoid non-dir ENOENT errors in afs_lookup
13688ptserver: Check for -restricted in SPR_Delete
13687ptserver: Fix AccessOK -restricted for SYSADMINID
13686ptserver: Fix AccessOK -restricted for addToGroup
13685doc: the last partition name is /vicepiu
13680viced: correct option parsing for -vlru*, -novbc
13679auth: make PGetTokens2 work with 3-char cellnames
13678auth: eliminate pointless retries in ktc_ListTokensEx
13676aklog: Avoid misleading AFSCELL message
13675util: serverLog using memory after free
13674add dkms dependency in Red Hat unit file
13643Update NEWS for 1.8.4pre1
13639pioctl: limit fruitless token searches
13638Fix static expressions in conditionals
13596Make OpenAFS 1.8.4pre1stage-1_8_4pre4