Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

14946Linux-5.17: Kernel build uses -Wcast-function-typeLinux-5.17
14945Linux-5.17: kernel func complete_and_exit renamedLinux-5.17
14944Use autoconf-archive m4 from src/externalLinux-5.17
14943Import of code from autoconf-archiveLinux-5.17
14942Add autoconf-archive to src/externalLinux-5.17
14931afs: Cleanup afsincludes.h indentationprepare-14387
14930afs: Clean up VNOPS/afs_vnops_attrs.c indentationprepare-14387
14929afs: Clean up afs_init.c indentationprepare-14387
14928DARWIN: remove vestigial etap_event_t typedefsprepare-14387
14927afs: Handle osi_NewVnode failuresprepare-14387
14926rx: remove rx_atomic bitopsprepare-14387
14921FBSD: Use GENERIC kernel headers by default
14920FBSD: Avoid recursive osi_VM_StoreAllSegments lock
14919Make OpenAFS
14911dir: Explicitly 'make all' in src/dir/testFBSD_14550
14910dir: make dtest buildable againFBSD_14550
14909build: declare test targets as phonyFBSD_14550
14880tests: Accommodate c-tap-harness 4.7
14879Import of code from c-tap-harness
14878Add sysname, files and header entries for FreeBSD 12.3fbsd
14815rx: Remove delays in multi_End_Ignore
14814fs: Avoid unnecessary cell DNS lookups
14813afs: clarify cold and warm shutdown logic
14810Make OpenAFS 1.8.9pre1
14594warn when starting without keys