Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

14269LINUX 5.8: use lru_cache_addlinux-5.8
14268LINUX 5.8: do not set name field in backing_dev_infolinux-5.8
14267LINUX 5.8: Replace kernel_setsockopt with new funcslinux-5.8
14264Make OpenAFS 1.8.7pre11.8.7pre1
14232vol: Fix format-truncation warning with gcc-10.1gcc-10-checking
14226afsmonitor: remove unused LWP_WaitProcessgcc10-fedora32
14217Avoid duplicate definitions of globalsgcc10-fedora32
14142ubik: positional io for db reads and writesubik-perf-18x
14141ubik: remove unnecessary lseeks in uphys_openubik-perf-18x
14140uss: more gcc9 truncation warning appeasementubik-perf-18x
14130LINUX: Include linux/time.h for linux/errqueue.h
14105tests: do not resolve addresses in vos/vl test
14099LINUX: Properly revert creds in osi_UFSTruncate
14082Linux: use override_creds when available