Changes for branch openafs-stable-1_8_x.

14616afs: free the Buffers array correctly during shutdowncold_shutdown
14615afs: Actually free resources during warm shutdowncold_shutdown
14614vol: ensure ih package defaults are set for salvageih_PkgDefaults
14613vol: move ih_PkgDefaultsSet check inside ih_PkgDefaultsih_PkgDefaults
14612afsd: remove unused variable afs_shutdowncold_shutdown
14611afs: remove duplicate declaration for afs_shutdown()cold_shutdown
14610afs: afsd -shutdown sets afs_cold_shutdown too sooncold_shutdown
14605afs: Add AFS_USPC_SHUTDOWN bkg requestmacos-bigsur
14600macos: delegate sock_* calls to bkg daemonsmacos-bigsur
14598macos: packaging support for MacOS X 11.0macos-bigsur
14597macos: add support for MacOS 11.0macos-bigsur
14594warn when starting without keys
14540Update NEWS for 1.8.8pre11.8.8pre1
14264Make OpenAFS 1.8.8pre11.8.8pre1