How to create OpenAFS Debian 10 packages with patches.

Ensure your system is up to date

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Install required packages

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot devscripts lintian
$ sudo apt-get build-dep openafs

Get the OpenAFS Debian 10 source

$ cd $HOME
$ mkdir -p Debian/openafs
$ cd Debian/openafs
$ apt-get source openafs

Get patches

Patches can be generated with git format-patch if you have a local git repo. Patches on gerrit may be downloaded via git or https.

For example, to download a patch from gerrit with git:

$ cd $HOME
$ git clone git://
$ cd openafs
$ git fetch refs/changes/$x/$y/$z && \
  git format-patch -1 -o FETCH_HEAD

where: y = gerrit number x = last 2 digits of the gerrit number z = patchset number

Add patches

Copy patch files to the debian/patches directory.

$ cp $patch $HOME/Debian/openafs/openafs-1.8.2/debian/patches

Add the patches to the series file in debian/patches.

$ echo $patch >> $HOME/Debian/openafs/openafs-1.8.2/debian/patches/series

Update the changelog

Add a new entry at the top of the changelog file with the debchange tool. The format must be exact.

$ cd $HOME/Debian/openafs/openafs-1.8.2/debian
$ debchange -i

Create packages

Build the packages with the debuild tool.

$ cd $HOME/Debian/openafs/openafs-1.8.2
$ debuild -us -uc

The resulting .deb package files will be placed in $HOME/Debian/openafs