NOTE: This is a work in progress.

An example doxygen comment,

 * find the first occurrence of a volume header file and return the path.
 * \param[out] ec          outbound error code
 * \param[in]  volumeId    volume id to find
 * \param[out] partitionp  pointer to disk partition path string
 * \param[out] namep       pointer to volume header file name string
 * \post path to first occurrence of volume header is returned in partitionp
 *       and namep, or ec is set accordingly.
 * \warning this function is NOT re-entrant -- partitionp and namep point to
 *          static data segments
 * \note if a volume utility inadvertently leaves behind a stale volume header
 *       on a vice partition, it is possible for callers to get the wrong one,
 *       depending on the order of the disk partition linked list.
VGetVolumePath(Error * ec, VolId volumeId, char **partitionp, char **namep)

-- Michael Meffie - 10 Oct 2008