Simple Jobs

There are a large number of things that "it would be good to have" in the ?OpenAFS code base, that no one has had enough time to actually do. All of the tasks on this list should be relatively straightforward - and not require a significant amount of time to actually acheive. They should make a great starting point for people wanting to get more involved in ?OpenAFS development.

If you're thinking of working on one of these, please email the contact just to let them know you're doing so, and to avoid duplication of effort!

Implement silly rename for afs renames

We have silly rename support for situations where an file which is open is removed by another process. However, we do not have similar support for where an open file has another file renamed on top of it. This breaks the 'blogbench' benchmarking suite, as well as being a generally bad thing. Fixing this is basically a case of replicating the code in afs_remove that handles silly renames. This is also a bug in RT - see, and the mailing list thread at

Check pioctl return codes

Pioctls in general do not have very robust error code checking. They should be checked to make sure they are handled properly, and especially that we don't return negative errors where we're supposed to return positive ones. (Linux vnode operations, for example, have specific checks for this since it's been a problem multiple times).

fs command to examine path components

It would be nice to have an fs command which walks the full path and break out how each path component is resolved by the cache manager. The output would indicate if the path component is a directory entry, afs mount point, or symlink, and what the mount point and symlinks point to. Currently, this could be implemented with scripting fs examine and fs lsmount, but it would be nice as a built-in command.

Contact: Michael Meffie

Improve vos listaddrs output

The vos listaddrs can be used to print the uuids of the fileservers registered in the vldb and the ip addresses (-noresolve) or the hostnames (default), but it would be nice to have a mode to have both the hostname and the address in one output.

Contact: Michael Meffie