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This page is maintained by the OpenAFS Release Team for OpenAFS release and development discussions. The OpenAFS Release Team meetings are held on IRC.

  • Thursday at 12:00pm EDT, 9:00pm PDT
  • Libera.Chat #openafs-releaseteam channel

See for proposed changes.


The commit for Linux 6.7 has been merged into the master branch.

As Linux 6.7 is still in development, there could be additional patches needed in the future.

Development Wish List

  • 14731 viced: Set HashTable size at startup Performance

  • topic:connleaks Fixes a leak of client rx_connections

Stable Wish List

The following changes are targeted for a stable backport. These changes are still in review for the master branch and require additional reviews.

  • 14876 LINUX: Test for rcu_read_unlock with rcu_read_lock Fixes rcu_read_lock configure check.
  • 12612 afsd: Correctly detect invalid cache dirs Fixes a crash if the afsd parameters are changed and the cache is not removed.
  • topic:rxstat-local Add rxstat -localauth option so the stat gathering utils can be run easily on a server.
  • 13376 bozo: mark failed bnodes as stopped/shutdown Fix bos stop hang when simple bnode process fails.
  • 15158 rx: Use atomics for rx_securityClass refcounts Fix crash due to missing rx data field lock.

Master branch gerrits are needed for building OpenSUSE packages (would be nice to get these into 1.8.11)

  • 14115 make-release: Create output directory if needed Has been merged into master
  • 14148 make-release: Clean up whitespace and spelling Has been merged into master
  • 14566 make-release: create SHA256 checksums too Still in review for master

Next Stable Version - 1.10.x

Proposed gerrits for creating the next stable version:


Commits to support Linux 6.6 have been merged into openafs-stable-1_8_x and will be included in the 1.8.11 release.

Note there is a commit, 15599, needed to fix a BUG under certain conditions when the kernel module is built with gcc-13 on Linux 6.5 or greater (see below).

Support for the Linux 6.7 kernel has been submitted for 1.8.x, gerrit 15600. As Linux 6.7 is still in development, there could be additional patches needed in the future.

1.8.11 Wish List

No additional commits from master are in the wish list for 1.8.11

1.8.11 open openafs-stable-1_8_x gerrits needing review

  • 15600 Linux 6.7: convert to inode a/mtime accessor funcs Support for Linux 6.7.
  • 15599 dir: Introduce struct DirEntryFlex Fixes a BUG in linux 6.5 or greater and gcc-13
  • 15598 dir: Allow 256-byte directory entry names in salvager Fixes a off-by-1 that incorrectly determined that a string was too long.
  • 15596 Linux: Fix to use time_t instead of time64_t Fixes a build error on Linux kernels prior to 3.17