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This page is maintained by the OpenAFS Release Team for OpenAFS release and development discussions. The OpenAFS Release Team meetings are held on IRC.

  • Thursday at 12:00pm EDT, 9:00pm PDT
  • Libera.Chat #openafs-releaseteam channel

See for proposed changes.


Development Wish List

Linux 6.9

Changes will be needed to support Linux 6.9.

As Linux 6.9 is still in development, there could be additional patches needed in the future.

  • 15708 Linux-6.9: file_lock mbrs moved to file_lock_core Linux's file_lock structure has been reorganized with some members moved into a new structure.

Other development wish list

  • 14731 viced: Set HashTable size at startup Performance
  • topic:connleaks Fixes a leak of client rx_connections
  • topic unoquorum Ensures that elections operate correctly by enforcing rx timeout invariants

Stable Wish List

The following changes from master address a crash in the cache manager:

  • 13804 afs: avoid panic in DNew when afs_WriteDCache fails
  • 13802 afs: remove redundant assignment
  • 13801 dir: check DNew return code
  • 13800 dir: check afs_dir_Create return code in afs_dir_MakeDir
  • 13799 dir: check afs_dir_MakeDir return code in DirSalvage
  • 13798 dir: distinguish logical and physical errors on reads
  • 13803 afs: refactor directory checking in DRead

The following changes are targeted for a stable backport. These changes are still in review for the master branch and require additional reviews.

  • 14876 LINUX: Test for rcu_read_unlock with rcu_read_lock Fixes rcu_read_lock configure check.
  • 12612 afsd: Correctly detect invalid cache dirs Fixes a crash if the afsd parameters are changed and the cache is not removed.
  • topic:rxstat-local Add rxstat -localauth option so the stat gathering utils can be run easily on a server.
  • 13376 bozo: mark failed bnodes as stopped/shutdown Fix bos stop hang when simple bnode process fails.
  • 15158 rx: Use atomics for rx_securityClass refcounts Fix crash due to missing rx data field lock.

Master branch gerrits are needed for building OpenSUSE packages (would be nice to get these into 1.8.x)

  • 14115 make-release: Create output directory if needed Has been merged into master
  • 14148 make-release: Clean up whitespace and spelling Has been merged into master
  • 14566 make-release: create SHA256 checksums too Still in review for master

Next Stable Version - 1.10.x

Proposed gerrits for creating the next stable version:

Open Stable commits for review (next stable release)

1.8.12 open openafs-stable-1_8_x

The following have commits have been submitted for the next the 1.8.x (includes Linux 6.8 support):

The current top commit is 15736

  • 15736 tests: rx/perf wait for server init before client Fixes an occasional failure when running make test, which is causing some buildbot failures.
  • 15735 rxperf: Add -o option to rxperf client
  • 15727 Linux: Define afs_thread_wrapper() as static
  • -or- 15707 afs: Drop GLOCK for various Rx calls Since the 15707 commit part changes the use of GLOCK by some Rx calls, the change may not be apporiate for 1.8.x at this time. 15727 is the prefered commit.
  • 15729 Linux: osi_gcpags.c remove unreferenced extern sym Cleanup (associated with 15728)
  • 15728 Linux: Remove weak attribute for key_type_keyring Fixes build problem on arm64 systems with gcc-12
  • 15706 Linux 6.8: Use roken's strlcpy() in kernel module
  • 15705 Linux 6.8: Remove ctl_table sentinels
  • 15704 Linux 6.8: use hlist iteration for dentry children
  • 15703 rxgen: Declare generated PKG_OpCodeStats()
  • 15702 rxgen: Declare generated PKG_TranslateOpCode()
  • 15701 rx: Add static attribute to internal functions
  • 15700 afs: Add static attribute to internal functions
  • 15699 afs: fix 'ops' variable may be used uninitialized
  • 15698 rx: Add function prototypes to rx_prototypes.h
  • 15697 afs: Remove SRXAFSCB* protos from afs_prototypes.h
  • 15696 afs: Add afs_xioctl prototyes to afs_prototypes.h
  • 15695 afs: Move function prototypes into headers
  • 15694 afs: Add includes to pick up function prototypes
  • 15693 afs: Declare init_hckernel_mutex()
  • 15692 Linux 6.8: Add function prototypes for krb5
  • 15691 roken: Declare ct_memcmp in hcrypto kernel roken.h
  • 15690 afs: Add declaration for RXAFS_ResidencyCmd()
  • 15689 afs: Remove afs_DbgDisconFiles()
  • 15688 afs: Remove SRXAFSCB_FetchData/StoreData
  • 15687 afs: Remove dummy_PSetAcl()
  • 15686 afs: Remove afs_osi_UnmaskUserLoop()
  • 15685 afs: Remove afs_MemExtendEntry()
  • 15683 cf: Add function prototypes for linux conftest
  • 15682 afs: remove dead ICL (fstrace) code
  • 15684 afs: Remove DFlushDCache()
  • 15681 afs: Remove SRXAFSCB_GetDE
  • 15680 LINUX: Minor osi_vfsop.c cleanup
  • 15679 afs: Make afs_AllocDCache static