openafs-contrib on GitHub is a place to collect projects related to OpenAFS. Each project under openafs-contrib has it's own reposistories. Each reposistory may has a team with read-write access to the separate projects.

This is done instead of having personal GitHub repos, or static collections of links to make it easier to find projects releated to OpenAFS. We invite you to use openafs-contrib for your own projects so that others can reuse them or even improve them.

What can I do?

Well, if you have some code to share, you could do one of the following:

  1. I have some code which would fit in a repo.

    • ask for membership of a team dedicated to a repo, where your code fits, so you can work directly on it.
    • fork this repo and send pull-requests so that a member of a team can integrate it
  2. I have some code which would need its own repo

    • ask openafs-contrib to setup a repo and team for you
  3. I have no clue about git and don't want to learn it.

    • This is sad, but alas, just send the code to one of the openafs-contrib maintainers and they'll act as a proxy (hopefully until you learned git).


If you have something you like to share, please contact any of the four members of the openafs-contrib-team:

  • Jakob Haufe (sur5r)
  • Michael Meffie (mmeffie)
  • Fabrizio Manfredi (thoulen)
  • Christof Hanke (chanke)

First steps

Unlike, openafs-contrib is not using gerrit, but git directly. Still, many of the documentation at GitDevelopers still applies.

However, here things are a bit different:

As an example this is what I would do when working for afspy:

  1. create your user (here chanke) at github.
  2. Fork the repository (inside github), you want to contribute to.
  3. clone it to your machine: "git clone afspy"
  4. do some changes
  5. git push it to your own repo: "git push"
  6. Send a pull request towards openafs-contrib.

Of course, when member of a team which owns a repository, you could push to that directly, but it is good practice to first commit stuff to your private repo and then request the pull from openafs-contrib.