Notes about release process

The different binary packages are built by a group of volunteers called the release-team.
The packages themselves are stored under /afs/

The distibution-page on is created automatically by the script make_www_release
found in the tools (git:// repository.

Thus, the packagers are asked to provide the packagers in a certain directory structure so that
this html-page is constructed correctly:


where OS has to match to the regex : $prefix=~s/^(.?)[-\d]+./$1/;

and $prefix should be then one of :

%TopTitles = (
'aix'     => 'IBM AIX',
'darwin'  => 'Darwin',
'dux'     => 'Digital UNIX',
'fedora'  => 'Fedora',
'freebsd' => 'Free BSD',
'fbsd' => 'Free BSD',
'hpux'    => 'HP/UX',
'irix'    => 'SGI Irix',
'macos'   => 'MacOS X',
'openbsd' => 'Open BSD',
'opensuse'=> 'OpenSUSE',
'redhat'  => 'RedHat Linux',
'rhel'    => 'RedHat Enterprise Linux',
'solaris' => 'Oracle Solaris',
'sle'     => 'SUSE Linux Enterprise',
'winnt'   => 'Windows 2000/XP/2003',
'win9x'   => 'Windows 95/98/Millenium Edition',

and arch is free-form and typically one of i386,i586,i686,x86_64

some example directory would then be:

  • freebsd-91/i386
  • freebsd-91/x86_64
  • rhel5/i386
  • rhel5/x86_64

if there is a source package available (like a source-rpm), it should be put directly under the OS directory.