In this section we will be adding more files servers to our OpenAFS plant.

First add the new file servers to the first file servers: ssh afs01

service openafs-server stop
scp afsdb1:/usr/afs/etc/CellServDB /usr/afs/etc/CellServDB
cat /usr/afs/etc/CellServDB

service openafs-server start

Check all of the logs: cat /usr/afs/logs/FileLog

Now add afs02: ssh afs02

scp afsdb1:/usr/afs/etc/* /usr/afs/etc/

service openafs-server start
bos listhosts afs02

bos create afs01 dafs dafs /usr/afs/bin/dafileserver /usr/afs/bin/davolserver /usr/afs/bin/salvageserver /usr/afs/bin/dasalvager -localauth

cat /usr/afs/logs/VolserLog
cat /usr/afs/logs/SalsrvLog
cat /usr/afs/logs/BosLog
cat /usr/afs/logs/FileLog

vos listaddrs -printuuid

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